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Format: Double Vinyl LP

Side A
1A1: Find Me ft. Birdy
2A2: Hope ft. Carla Marie
3A3: Strong ft. Kovic
4A4: You And Me As One ft. Jack Savoretti
Side B
1B1: High On You ft. John Newman
2B2: Can't Get Enough ft. Taet
3B3: Climb ft. Jamie Scott
Side C
1C1: Faded ft. LOWES & U137
2C2: Give It To Me ft. Kelly Kiara
3C3: Anywhere ft. Louis III
4C4: That Feeling
Side D
1D1: How Will I Know ft. Karma Child
2D2: Dilemma
3D3: Trumpets
4D4: Sell My Soul ft. Maverick Sabre